LandingSites-titelCocky Eek in samenwerking met Schweigman&

Een gedachte krijgt pas waarde als zij is doorlopen. Nietzsche

Landing Sites is een installatie die de  zintuigen van deelnemers in een ongebruikelijke richting stuurt. Al lopend beland je in een individuele expeditie waarin de omgeving en je innerlijk landschap elkaar bespelen.

concept Cocky Eek | research Cocky Eek, Matthijs Munnik, Geartsje van der Zee | dramaturgisch advies Boukje Schweigman | productie Linda Witpaard | co-piloten Rachel Schuit, Hannegijs Jonker, Ben Terwell | coproducenten Oerol, Satellietgroep

Terschelling visit

On monday 15th of may we: Geartsje, Linda, Jurr, Matthijs  and myself visited  the east-site of the Island Terschelling. At he end of the world, where there is nothing else but the walking dunes. The only thing we did is marking the position of a pole and it tooks us a whole day. Hopefully  3 phones with GPS will mark it accurate:


It’s all just air…

12th of may , I gave a talk and miniworkshop at the “Its all just air…” symposium at the ZHdK Zurich University of the Arts. together with artists , engineers and scientist we did design speeddating on the micro and macro effects or air. Its was a great symposium with lots of interesting angles on the topic of air ranging from great experimental sessions on Bernoulli’s experiments by Marco Miranda to some philosophical thoughts from the artist Roman Kirschner on the air between Bachelard and Vernadsky, to scientific clarifications of our atmosphere, to some great outdoor flying smoke balloon experiments, and we all finished by a true yodel session by Meret Weilenmann. It feels i have many new friends all in one day. Thank you so much Karmen Franinovic.

TEgEifuHqnUgwdWqCrLKU9GpHC2QkdSja59G0bMqNd4Cocky’s testing on the ramp and a Bernoulli’s experiment by Marco Miranda


Test 3 may at the Zandmotor

And again we had a test at the Zandmotor with 8 guests as our test-audience. I guess we progressed in our process and i had the feeling that everybody experienced something…

Here a comment of Frank Heckman on facebook:

They say that COCKY EEK’s – – work mainly revolves around spatial compositions in which we experience that we don’t move through space, but where space moves through us.
Well let me tell you, without giving away ‘the act’. She is expanding on the notions above. I did experience moving through space in a very peculiar way. Like in ‘Chinese Baseball’. When the ball is in the air you can move the bases. And then at one point I completely coincided with ‘space’, like it collapsed on and in me. Implosion and tranquility. Something like resetting the senses. So if you want to decipher my secret language and experience this for yourself, go to the Oeral Festival this summer on the island of Terschelling where you can be part of Cocky’s ‘experience’. ”

IMG-20170505-WA0000OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABoukje and Matthijs having a reflective moment. (upper-picture by Maria Blaisse)

20171303 Extremophiles Course

Extremophiles took place outside at the Zandmotor  from 13 -17 th march 2017. I hosted the course for the creative departments Sonology, Composition and ArtScience of the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague.

This week there was sun but also there was no sun, the air was still cold which had its impact on our performance in this remote area without any shelter. An Extremophile is an organism that thrives in extreme environments. How do we behave in this shapeshifting landscape: the Zandmotor  was simply  light or dark, sunny or cloudy, warm or cold, vast or cramped. Its character influences instantly our mood: it provides openness or seemed menacing. Or vice versa, our mood is thrown back on the landscape. Our discomfort contracts the wide space and rendered us immobile: our happiness expands  into openness, enlarges it to a space in which we felt endless.

Translucent screens performing air waves, projected sunlight highlighting shimmerings from seemingly still water, a floating island in the lake, a Fibonacci composition with 55 stones and a bucket of water, clicking stones back together, tuned backpack pipes, spatial cardboard tunnel sand rains, walking wanderings, leveling out with your  peers in the sand, leaning against wind harps, digging dunes together, Kenzo Kusuda’s workshop – pick a shell hold it in between your fingers and follow its movement, following the shadow of the Argusmast (only by bright weather), tracing the smell in this vast terrain, observing the rising Venus band after sunset, dreid horsepoo and sooooo much more.

Thank you, Natalie, Mischa, Florian, Hendrik, Thanakarn, Veerle, Leandros, Ruben, Maria, Miro, John, Quirijn and Vivian, it was a wonderful week with lots of beautiful seeds that have been released in the wind.

20170303 public test #003

Its our last public test in our preliminary investigation. Its been raining a little bit in the morning, the wind is coming from the south-east with a  force of 4m/s.  The temperature is about 6 degrees which is okee as long you really keep moving. We made some windinstruments and rebalancing legs in the air as we named them. We blindfolded everybody and the visitors had no idea that they were guided so close along the seashore as one could not see the sea when starting the journey. The senses were extending, the sound of one bird flying over made big impact, other listened carefully to sounds of the Argusmast, which also becomes on instrument when the wind is blowing through it. Some visitors were lost quickly and we had to steer them back on track.

Thank you Helena, Ben and Gokay for the documentation.