Landing Sites

Landing Sites ; Terschelling 2017; https://landingsites.wordpres

Landing Sites
Cocky Eek in collaboration with Schweigman&

‘Een gedachte krijgt pas waarde als zij is doorlopen. Nietzsche’

Artist/designer Cocky Eek likes to influence our senses in a subtle or radical manner to experience ones surrounding more intensely. For Landing Sites she explored together with Matthijs Munnik how to experience an open landscape in which the elements have a free ride, in an unusual way.

Landing Sites is the installation emerging from this research in which the senses are stirred in an unusual direction. While walking one lands in an individual journey in which the environment and ones inner landscape have a turn on each other.

duration about 30 minutes

concept Cocky Eek | research Cocky Eek, Matthijs Munnik, Geartsje van der Zee | dramaturgisch advies Boukje Schweigman | production Linda Witpaard | Landing Sites crew  Eefje Aerts, Hannegijs Jonker, Florencia Reznik, Anna van Rij, Rachel Schuit, Ben Terwel, Gearstje van der Zee | photo Pieter Kers |Landing Sites is a co-production of Schweigman&, Oerol and the Satellietgroep, financially supported by Stroom Den Haag


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