Seemingly nothing

What is there, who is there, what was it, how come. Sometimes one does not exactly knows how things work.  But first of all you have a question and you to tap into a place. You have to taste her. Shall we circle to the right or to the left. Nothing happened if you circle to the right, so that’s clear we have to circle to the left. Nothing happens if you position me to far from the sea, I don’t know why but now nothing happens. I simply need clear instructions and you have to speak to me loud and clear, otherwise I am lost. Try to position your hand a bit lower, and with your other hand you tame the speed, yes now we are talking. Push a little bit harder with a hollow hand, maybe more here, yes now I go down….

Landing Sites is an installation composed of seemingly nothing or not so much. “Do you see that red and white thingie in the distance , that’s where you walk to, someone will be waiting there for you and for the rest everything will follow by itself.”

Landing Sites seems to be composed of seemingly hardly nothing in a vast open landscape, but actually everything comes pretty precise. Boukje Schweigman introduced and worked with us in the dramaturgy of this research installation with her generous master laughter and easy hand-turns she is lifting us to a higher altitude to guide the audience in a meaningful expedition.

Well, we are ready to roll, and the weather can play its parts. The weather swirls and girls with us. She feels us and we feel her.

The audience got the opportunity to write down their thoughts. We collected 7 notebooks full. It was remarkable that everyday, the overall feel of the reactions were different and I am convinced that the weather, the movements of the low and high tide, and the passing birds who noticed us,  definitely all played their part in there.

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