With high precision we placed the pole, the centre piece of the installation. 60 meters from the coastal line by high tide. When traveling on the 7th of june to Terschelling we had to redirect our route as we could not go over the Afsluitdijk,  a truck was blown over there and blocking the dike. Because of the storm, at the island nobody was allowed to work outside for two days. So we just acclimatized and created a workshop in our new home. In the evening when the weather has taken his temper we went to see our location on the beach. Jurr went first and was standing nailed to the ground with open mouth. Matthijs and myself went after and as soon we saw the situation we laughed out loud. The pole was standing about 100 meters in the sea. Well, it has been windforce 8, fullmoon and springtide…


 foto was taken by Merijn Versnel after the water-level was already getting lower.


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