public test #004 at the Zandmotor

And again we had a test at the Zandmotor with 8 guests as our test-audience. I guess we progressed in our process and i had the feeling that everybody experienced something…

Frank Heckman on facebook:

They say that COCKY EEK’s – – work mainly revolves around spatial compositions in which we experience that we don’t move through space, but where space moves through us.
Well let me tell you, without giving away ‘the act’. She is expanding on the notions above. I did experience moving through space in a very peculiar way. Like in ‘Chinese Baseball’. When the ball is in the air you can move the bases. And then at one point I completely coincided with ‘space’, like it collapsed on and in me. Implosion and tranquility. Something like resetting the senses. So if you want to decipher my secret language and experience this for yourself, go to the Oeral Festival this summer on the island of Terschelling where you can be part of Cocky’s ‘experience’. ”

Boukje and Matthijs having a reflective moment. (left-picture by Maria Blaisse)


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