It’s all just air…conference

12th of may, I gave a talk and miniworkshop at the “Its all just air…” symposium at the ZHdK Zurich University of the Arts. Amongst  artists, engineers and scientist we did some design speed-dating on the micro and macro effects or air. Its was a great hands-on symposium with lots of interesting angles on the topic of air ranging from great sessions on Bernoulli’s experiments by Marco Miranda to some philosophical thoughts from one of my favorite artists Roman Kirschner on -the air between Bachelard and Vernadsky-, to scientific clarifications of our atmosphere, to some yellow outdoor flying smoke balloon intermissions. We all finished by a true swiss yodel session by Meret Weilenmann. It feels i have many new friends all in one day. Thank you so much dear Karmen Franinovic from the department Interaction Design of the Zurich University of the Arts.


Cocky’s testing on the ramp and a Bernoulli’s experiment by Marco Miranda


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