20170303 public test #003

Its our last public test in our preliminary investigation. Its been raining a little bit in the morning, the wind is coming from the south-east with a  force of 4m/s.  The temperature is about 6 degrees which is okee as long you really keep moving. We made some windinstruments and rebalancing legs in the air as we named them. We blindfolded everybody and the visitors had no idea that they were guided so close along the seashore as one could not see the sea when starting the journey. The senses were extending, the sound of one bird flying over made big impact, other listened carefully to sounds of the Argusmast, which also becomes on instrument when the wind is blowing through it. Some visitors were lost quickly and we had to steer them back on track.

Thank you Helena, Ben and Gokay for the documentation.



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