20171702 public test 002

We are heading to the Zandmotor, its raining a bit in the on our way up, but luckily dry for the rest of the day. Its cloudy and the temperature is about 7 degrees, which feels okee as long as your moving. The wind is 3m/s coming from the north.

Mischa, Soeria and Leandros are helping us with installing and we meet at the family Voskamp, whose house is opposite the bus stop, where we pick up our gear which is stored in their chicken shed.

We are checking the tides, okee it should be low tide, so the robes just don’t reach the sea. The guests are arriving, its like a meetingpoint in the middle of nowhere.  Seeing each others spreads joy and is warming our bodies. We are ready for lift off. Meanwhile the sea is playing its own game on us. While being blindfolded, people just get wet feet when approaching the sea. Fransesco living close by in Kijkduin is also visiting us and is playing with the sound/vibrations channeling through the lines. In the end we made a round for feeedback and lots of information is reaching our ears, which will head us in a clearer direction.




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