20171002 Guests from Sweden

Today we received a Swedish group of about 30 students and 5 teachers/professors  from the department Landscape Architecture of the Sveriges lantbruksuniversiteit  in Alnarp. We prepared for them our first public test with long strings in the morning. Its freezing, the temperature is -2 degrees, the sand is frozen, which makes it light for carrying our materials on our backs. The sun does not show itself,  the wind is average about 3,5 m/s, and the humidity is about 85 percent. Drops of salty water are hanging under our noses. We are running up and down to prepare our strings, and scooping some obstacle baby dunes away, and we really don’t mind running and scooping as it keeps us warm.

So now and then we looked over our shoulders and at 11:15 we see the group Sweeds rising on top of the hill heading our way. Time is up, we leave our last entangled strings for what it is and welcome our visitors, and guide them into our test setup. It was really beautiful to see the concentration sinking into their bodies. We were very pleased with this test, and I think the basic principle of what we are trying to achieve worked out. At 12:20 we collected all together and we received very relevant feedback of their experiences: some really focused on the change of the sound of the sea all along the way, one felt instantly warmer as her eyes were taken away from the cold landscape, some felt the changing vibrations in their bodies or their skull.

Oehh that was such a lovely visit, we looked again over our shoulders and they were gone, what a flash in time.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


One thought on “20171002 Guests from Sweden”

  1. Hi and thanks for the interesting experience you provided us students. For me it was particularly interesting to investigate the texture of the Zandmotor in the fixed circular motion rather than linear and parallel to the coastline. I asked some of you about the clumps of iron ore that could be found all over the place and you mentioned someone planning to smelt them in a furnace. Is there any online information about that project that you know of?


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