20170202 from space to place


2 febr 2017. We are the Zandmotor  with Geartsje, Matthijs , Jacqueline en Durak. Compared to the previous days it feels somehow like summer,  its  about 8 degrees  and there was a little wind  (about wind-force  4), half of the sky above us was cloudy making its transition to a bright sky in a sharp boomerang shape.

We did some tests with rope and gripshoes, and after that we had a drink at restaurant the  Haagsche Beek, in Kijkduin  opposite the land-art work  ‘Hemels Gewelf’ from James Turrel.

Turrel thought the light is so tangible here in the dunes that he created ‘Hemels Gewelf’ (Celestial Vault) in 1996 to look at the sky.  This work has its focus on the phenomena of light itself, which evokes emotional and spiritual experiences surpassing the pure sensory perception. In this work one can perceive the sky formed as a dome over oneself.

The Zandmotor created in 2011, appears to me  as one giant Hemels Gewelf. Especially when you are standing close to the Argusmast where you can’t see the sea. Then looking  around you, the sky forms a giant dome above oneself. When standing still and slowly turning 360 degrees around your spine, you perceive the immersive light of that moment in all its color gradients, it is truly breathtaking. While standing still, space suddenly becomes  place.


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